Workflow BB for review


The v1 specification is done and ready for soft review. Please make sure any changes you propose from here on out are made in “suggest” mode. (I’ve done my best to lock it down so I should be the only editor. Everyone else should be forced to work in “suggest” mode but managing permissions on a Google Drive folder that you don’t own is tricky, so please help me out and double check before you type.)

We have one month for a soft review/friends-and-family review before we send it to the TAC. Your next steps:

  1. Read through once more and propose changes if you see fit
  2. Send the spec to your trusted friends/family/colleagues and ask for their input
  3. Consider which products we could use to implement the WFbb in the first demo/prototype
  4. Beyond the v1 spec, we’re looking for products that are open source and can be deployed entirely using Docker.
    Next week we will meet to discuss and address any comments that have been opened since today and to review the final OpenAPI specification management process (between GitHub and SwaggerHub.)