Re: Scheduling for the Workflow group

Hi all, thanks so much for the quick call today. Here are some key resources and next steps:

  1. our Google Drive

  2. Right now, it’s mostly empty but has placeholders for meeting minutes, the spec itself, a slide deck that we’ll use to share progress/diagrams/high-level notes with other groups and the external community.

  3. Feel free to jot any notes you want into the meeting minutes doc—we’ll review that quickly before each call—or to create new documents, diagrams, slides, etc., in the “Other Artifacts” folder.1. our GitHub repo -

  4. our “category” on Discourse - (if the integration works, this email should show up as a new thread in that forum.)

I’ll set up our standing meeting for Wednesdays. Though I might not be able to attend next week, I’d suggest that you all still link up to discuss these two major items:

  1. What is the scope of the “Workflow” building block? (I.e., What are we really talking about when we talk about workflow? What aren’t we talking about when we talk about workflow?)
  2. What are the best existing technologies, frameworks, standards, applications that we’ve seen successfully provide “workflow” functionality?
    Have a great weekend and speak soon.