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Thanks everybody for joining in last Friday,

Quick summary of our meeting: discussed and decided the broad scope of the BB incl what the BB is not covering – reachout is needed to Workflow and IM; discussed the functionalities and constraints of the services of the Messaging BB; threw out some examples of PubSub that could use as an inspiration or an extra use case.

- Decision was made that Messaging BB will limit its functionalities to transmitting the messages between the GovStack user/system and the end user. Other types of messaging, incl between the GovStack services/servers/databases, will be taken care of other building blocks, such as Information Mediator, Workflow etc.
- Discussed the Messaging BB definition and jotted down first examples in the Template Building_Block_Template_MESSAGING_1.1.0 - Google Documenten
- Discussed examples of PubSub in Sweden, Estonia and India. Proposal to the interested parties @MaxCarlson (architecture group) to prompt a session about these use cases.
- Decided to continue filling out the Template and populate it with an additional table (could do some burdensharing with Rainer Türner for the next weeks). During next meeting we will add info to the Deliverables and Milestones checklist
- Decided to reach out to the Workflow and Information Mediator BB in order to mutually define our services and API-s for the specific use case [Martin will facilitate the meeting(s)]

See you all at our next meeting, Friday @ 16:30 in Zoom

29.10.2021 12:20 kirjutas

Thanks Martin.
We also need to exclude direct person to person messaging from the scope of this BB.

The focus here is Person to Application and Application to person messaging only.

Person to person messaging can be achieved indirectly in the sense that a user’s message goes to a Govstack application which relays the message to authorized users as per its security policy. The messaging BB will treat this as independent P2A and A2P transactions.

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Do we have meeting today.

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Yes, we have a meeting today.

Is anyone else going to miss it, except of Magnus?

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PFA first cut component of Messaging BB.

The components are referenced from operational solutions but generalised to suit multi-purpose app.

May I have the link for today’s meeting. Looking forward to the meeting.

PS: Request you to add bramhanand.mdi@gmail at slack Gov Stack workspace since official email ID is having some issue.

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(Attachment Messaging BB.pptx is missing)

You are in the invited list. I pulled this link from my calendar invite from Martin. Please check your mailbox under spam or junkmail folders



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I have canceled today’s meeting.

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Ok let us catch up next week.
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Hi all

Our meeting tomorrow is on

We start at 16:30 as always on Zoom.

I am asking Rainer and John to present their contribution so far and suggestions for ways forward. Bramhanand has produced a ppt and can present it. Any comments are welcome.