Open Q's, progress, and partial availability

Aleksander, Max, Ramkumar,

I’ve got some last minute flat viewings that I can’t reschedule today—the housing market in London is, apparently, pretty hectic. I’ll be able to join for a good chunk of the call, but likely not the start and also not the end. Apologies.

To help out with the InfoMed stand up, we’ve got one new question, a status update, and a request for support:

  1. We’ve got a new open question that we’d like to discuss around performance requirements. How do we specify things like monitorability (Ability to push to a log sink is already in there, but how about metrics agents/monitoring agents?) Is this cross-cutting enough to be an architecture team requirement? How should we think about performance generally? Requirements around load testing, visibility, throughput?
  2. We’re almost through all the comments/feedback from Max’s/Ramkumar’s last review but plan to finish that up on Monday.
  3. We’re hoping for your (Max’s) help/guidance on creating OpenAPI specs.
    That’s basically it from our side. Getting there! Speak soon.


Unfortunately I cannot participate on today’s standup.



No worries, thanks for the heads up!

Max Carlson