Onboarding HISP partners, scheudling

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The original message, for the record :slight_smile:

Hi Aleksander and Ramkumar,

A quick update: I met with Farai and Comfort from HISP on Monday and have walked them through our progress to date. They are currently reading/reviewing the specifications document and will hopefully provide some useful questions from “outside eyes”.

After that review, we can determine whether or not we want to include them in subsequent meetings or wait to have them properly join the Workflow engine working group. (I’m aware that getting too many cooks right at the last minute could slow things down. They both have lots of experience and seem to be happy to help out in whatever way we think is best.)

We’ve got a bit of feedback already from Max, are you keen to meet on Thursday at 9am BST to discuss this feedback and our next steps? Still work to do on the JSON schema definitions and OpenAPI specs.


P.S. - I’m trying out the new “infomed@discourse.govstack.global” email… so hopefully this shows up in our Discourse thread!

Hey Taylor -

Sorry about that - I have updated your permissions. Let me know if you still have issues.

There was some confusion as there were some queries from steering group as to why are these new folks are working even before formal enrollment.
I have clarified that you are in discussion with them in order to decide their involvement in workflow bb and we do not need additional resources in infomed as we nearing completion.

I also think too many cooks is not a good idea, If they get into workflow group, we can always take reviews of infomed with peer-groups as needed.

Yes, include me in the thursday meeting.

In infomed, I think we should fill in some aspects of fail-safe, retries and exception handling, especially in pub-sub.


Email integration still not quite working. But for posterity:

On Wed, 11 Aug 2021 at 12:25, Taylor Downs taylor@openfn.org wrote:

Sounds good! Just FYI, I’ve been in communication with Hani and Külli about this—it’s at their request that they’re engaging, but the recommendation (from you, Aleksander, and me) has always been that we should be hesitant to ask them to get too involved in InfoMed and mostly focus their efforts on Workflow, whenever that group kicks off.

In other words, I think we’re still quite aligned here :slight_smile:

Speak to you Thursday!