Meeting minutes 23-07-2021

Hello all,

Today was another productive meeting, highlights include:

  • We talked about how to address OpenIMIS’ continuing reservations about GovStack interoperability by building our own FHIR interoperability adapter. Ideally, we can integrate with OpenIMIS to provide a payment solution and connect with an existing OpenIMIS registry using a FHIR adapter.
  • We talked about the progress made in the payments team and Trevor’s discussions with some members to validate the current requirements documentations in various contexts
  • Ramkumar gave an overview of a checklist to track progress across group
  • Trevor gave an overview of his proposal for document versioning and publishing to support durable cross-linking

Key Decisions:

  • We will work to specify a FHIR adapter in tandem with the workflow group.
  • We will review Ramkumar’s proposed checklist document to track progress across groups after he publishes it on the architecture group google drive.
  • Ramkumar will try using the checklist with groups before we roll it out to the groups to fill out themselves
  • We will review Trevor’s document standards proposal with the aim of rolling it out across groups. The goal is to be able to look at a printed or electronic copy of a given document and be able to reference across document versions in a durable way
  • We need a way to publish our specifications as .pdf files on the website to allow for durable linking across versions.
  • The architecture team will work on prototyping this document versioning, publishing and cross-linking approach, including tooling to auto-publish nightly versions of google docs (thanks for the idea Uwe!)

From last week:

  • We decided to encourage other groups to start using discourse
  • We will review the Working group cookbook in advance of onboarding new teams and team members: Working group cookbook - Google Documenten Trevor will outline a proposal for document versioning.
  • We will evolve the GovStack System Architecture to talk more comprehensively about GovStack certification from a technical perspective Elevator pitches and visual aids - Google Documenten
  • Max will reach to to Hani to explore suggestions for helping ID and Payments, and to explore policy around GovStack certification
  • Max will prepare a simple slide deck outlining progress across teams and the work around connecting GovStack to existing applications.
  • Next, Max will work on fleshing out publish/subscribe, specifically how webhooks and information mediator can work together.

From the previous week:

  • We will continue to work with the Security group to improve their building block definition. We identified the need for IAM and API Gateway building blocks.
  • For the IAM building block we will look at the OpenIAM OpenAPI specification and derive from that.
  • Architecture will work with Security on a set of generic Auth flows that can be used for any use case including SSO auth flow via API gateway, Mobile-specific auth flow, e.g. use auth APIs, receive JWT token, sort out how to handle logging in with two roles, e.g. nurse and a parent user needs to be able to change roles, work out how is a user is logged in and out, e.g. between SSO applications.
  • Architecture team will continue to test discourse and will cc the email address to surface email conversations on discourse
  • We still need a powerpoint with a quick review of progress across groups
  • Max and Uwe will connect with OpenIMIS on Thursday next week

Overview of workgroup progress
Review progress on Issue Tracker

Next week we can review progress, write more use cases and continue to address remaining issues in Issues · GitHub
We will also address Uwe’s questions about editing/adding categories to the DPC catalog. We’d like a webinar about this.

From the chat:
Uwe Wahser (GIZ / openIMIS)
Webinar FHIR Implementation Guides by Digital Square:

Recordings of previous FHIR webinars by DSq: