Meeting minutes 08-08-2021

Hello all,

Today was another productive meeting, highlights include:

Key Decisions:

  • We will review the checklist weekly with all callers in the cross-group meeting
  • We still need to clearly set expectations around what GovStack is and isn’t
  • We need to define GovStack relates to existing DPG solutions, e.g. OpenIMIS. For example, does OpenIMIS need to decompose into building blocks to be compliant, or is interoperability via calling into some set of GovStack APIs (e.g. Payments, ID) or access to a FHIR registry via a GovStack adapter enough?
  • We need to find a way to bring Dr. Ramkumar to the GovStack meetup in a month!

Previous key decisions

  • Positioning of the project needs to be clarified as to what we are and aren’t doing.
  • Adding Networking BB team is a critical need
  • We need to add use cases for a specific country and application (or a best guess)
  • We will work to specify a FHIR adapter in tandem with the workflow group.
  • We will review Ramkumar’s proposed checklist document to track progress across groups after he publishes it on the architecture group google drive.
  • Ramkumar will try using the checklist with groups before we roll it out to the groups to fill out themselves
  • We will review Trevor’s document standards proposal with the aim of rolling it out across groups. The goal is to be able to look at a printed or electronic copy of a given document and be able to reference across document versions in a durable way
  • We need a way to publish our specifications as .pdf files on the website to allow for durable linking across versions.
  • The architecture team will work on prototyping this document versioning, publishing and cross-linking approach, including tooling to auto-publish nightly versions of google docs (thanks for the idea Uwe!)

Overview of workgroup progress
Review progress on Issue Tracker

Next week we can review progress, write more use cases and continue to address remaining issues in Issues · GitHub
We will also address Uwe’s questions about editing/adding categories to the DPC catalog. We’d like a webinar about this.

From the chat:
Information mediator


Architecture team resources:


Here is the gostack root drive link:
Uwe Wahser (GIZ / openIMIS)
I am sorry, but I need to finish a doc that I promised to a colleague - need to drop off - enjoy your weekends!

No transcript this week, sorry :/!