Draft submitted, next steps

Hey team,

I’ve shared our spec with Max and Ramkumar for initial review—they know just to focus on “Functional Requirements” and “Services APIs” for now. This week’s take home tasks are mostly related to workflows and data structures:

  1. Aare to build out data elements in Github: https://github.com/OpenFn/govstack-workflow-bb
  2. Farai to draft the resource model using a diagramming tool
  3. Comfort to list out (and provide links to) standards
  4. Khaled to finalize Service APIs section (see comment)
  5. Taylor to draft “Workflows” section
    Last week will be our final group meeting for this year—please have this stuff done by then so we can get that full review by EOY!


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Hi Taylor,

I was trying to push initial data element definition for the process, but got an access error:

can you advise, how can I get the access