3 tips for sending email to the group through Discourse

Hi folks. Your friendly Discourse admin @sconrad is on leave this week, but I had a quick look at some of the troubles that folks were having with sending emails to the Information Mediator #building-blocks:information-mediator (Information Mediator) group here on https://discourse.govstack.global/. Based on my research, here are a couple quick tips that will hopefully help prevent future headaches:

  1. The most reliable way to get a message to this specific group is to send an email to (only) infomed@discourse.govstack.global. People who are set up to be “Watching” the #building-blocks:information-mediator subcategory should get an email notification for the original post in the topic (discussion) and then all subsequent replies, whether or not they are from the web site or by email reply. If you have any doubts whether or not you’re set up right, @sconrad can help. (If you got this message by email, you are all set!)

  2. Adding the infomed@ address to an existing thread, or using it as one of multiple recipients, may cause strange behavior when people subsequently try to “Reply All” or reply to just one person in the email thread. So if you can avoid doing this, you may run into fewer problems.

  3. To help reduce spam, very new users (people who have just created accounts) may get errors when trying to start a new discussion topic until they have spent a little more time interacting with the web site and/or responding to other emails that go out to the group through Discourse. I will look into fine-tuning this with Steve upon his return.

Finally, because I have poor math skills, a bonus tip :slight_smile:

  1. In 99% of cases, you can generally reply to any email you get from the Discourse site, even from groups where you’re not subscribed (“Watching”). If you try to do so and for whatever reason it fails, there may be different rules in that group. You’ll need to go to the website and reply there. Check the footer of your email notifications for details.

:left_speech_bubble: Feel free to reply (by web or e-mail!) to this topic if you have other related questions or problems and @sconrad and I will try to help.